Who moved my wok?

Two best friends, one kitchen, endless possibilities.

Iron Chef Update.

Beautiful flowers Elizabeth picked up on her way home!

Last night we had the first round of our very first Iron Chef competition, and let me tell you, it was bursting at the seams with fun and deliciousness.  Our first Iron Chef Hopeful, also known as Blaise, who may henceforth be referred to as The Dancing Chef, started off our competition with a bang.  There was yummy food, good friends, poppin’ music and some pretty groovy dance moves, if I do say so myself.  Since our second round with our next chef isn’t until next Monday, I unfortunately cannot post The Dancing Chef’s recipe.  (Our other chef also reads this blog and might want to take a peek 🙂 )  I can, however, show you the rubric we’re using to score our chefs’ dinners each night.

The Official Score Card

Elizabeth took some time to get creative at work the other day and designed this fabulous score sheet, complete with the finest of clip art selections.  Each Official and Guest Judge receives one score card per Iron Chef Hopeful and fills it out before the evening is over.  Then, all score cards are handed to me, and I lock them away in a Top Secret Super Special Place, which I cannot disclose (we’re really into this, can you tell??).  Points are tallied after each chef has created their culinary masterpiece and then the winner will be announced.  Judges do not share their scores with each other or anyone else until the winner is announced.

I don’t know about you, but the anticipation is killing me!


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