Who moved my wok?

Two best friends, one kitchen, endless possibilities.

Kitchen mishaps.

They happen to all of us.  Losing a finger in the bruschetta, sloshing the veggie stock out of the pot, breaking a wine glass in the sink, forgetting the all-important ingredient in a new recipe.  You name it, it’s happened to us and probably most everyone you know.  Despite the fact that we generally only post the tasty-looking success stories that are borne from our kitchen, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into the mishaps we have, too.

Our poor tupperware lid bleeding green.

The night we made the soup posted just below this, Elizabeth went on a cooking rampage and made three or four whole meals and dishes.  No, we didn’t eat them all in one night, though I probably did enough taste-testing to constitute a meal on top of the actual meal we ate that night.  But I digress, this is not a fitness post about overeating.  Anyway, we had a lot going on in the kitchen that night: hot, cold, spicy, mild, pots, pans, woks.  Madness!

As we were putting the finishing touches on the Asian citrus cole slaw, we began to smell something burning, but we knew it couldn’t be the savory soup that was bubbling nicely on the burner.  And it smelled…plastic-y?  Now, to my knowledge, plastic isn’t a meat, but we still don’t generally cook it and eat it.  Upon further investigation, we discovered that the lid to one of our beloved large tupperware containers was indeed melting on the burner.  We had accidentally set it too close to the burner when chopping something else and in the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, it got pushed closer and closer until it finally just couldn’t take the heat anymore.

Taking a bite out of crime...erm, tupperware..?

Now, our tupperware lid (don’t worry Nana, this isn’t REAL tupperware — it’s China) looks like we got too hungry waiting for dinner and took a bite out of it.  It’s ok though; we didn’t abandon it.  It still serves its purpose just fine…as long as we don’t use it to cover liquid or anything that needs shaking.  Oops!

Do you have any fun kitchen mishap stories?


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