Who moved my wok?

Two best friends, one kitchen, endless possibilities.

Moroccan chickpea & butternut squash porridge.

The beginning stages...

We have a new foodie crush here at Who moved my wok.  Lately, we can’t get enough of one of our new favorite food blogs, Eats well with others.  We don’t know her, but Joanne seems to be somewhat of a superwoman, crafting impeccable dishes that we love.  This is the first but I’m sure not the last recipe we’ve borrowed from here, so we’ll give credit where credit is due.  And this was tasty.

Here is the recipe that we borrowed from.  We did adhere mostly to it, with just a few exceptions.  In America, we generally would have used quinoa or couscous or something lovely and healthy and exotic-sounding like that.  But, we live in China, where even brown rice is shockingly scarce… so, white rice it was!  It actually did really well with the white rice.  We also went without the honey, harissa, raisins, brown sugar and olives because those weren’t as easily accessible.  We did add in a pinch of paprika and a sprinkle of curry powder though, as well as some chopped peanuts.  We treaded lightly with the spices at first, but after sampling, we wanted something with more of a kick so we added more with a slightly heavier hand.

This was so yummy!  It was warm and creamy and totally comforting for this nasty, nasty weather we’ve been having while also having a kick that pleased our bored palettes.  And the cilantro was a really nice, fresh touch to such a warm, hearty dish.  The best part was how affordable it was to make.  Typically, I would think chickpeas and some of the other ingredients would make this dish a bit pricey, but the entire thing was prepared for less than 20 RMB (approximately $3 USD).  For just 20 RMB we made somewhere between 8-10 servings of a nutritious, filling dish that we can both eat for several days.  Definitely a bargain.  We gave this one two thumbs up, so let us know if you enjoy it, too!

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