Who moved my wok?

Two best friends, one kitchen, endless possibilities.

About this blog.

After eight months of living in China, we decided it was time for a new hobby that we could share together.  We had explored all the different restaurant scenes, found our favorite grocery stores, and discovered that we could whip up delicious treats all on our own.  Inspired by a dip in our funds one week, we began scouting our local grocers for great deals on fresh produce and scouring the Internet for creative recipes.  We were determined to eat healthily, save money and get out of our cooking rut.  To keep us on this kick and to use up all of our creative juices, we started this blog to document all of our delicious concoctions and share them with you in case you want to try it, too!

Elizabeth hard at work in the kitchen.

For the purposes of our blog, we are aiming to keep our grocery budget between 100-200 RMB per week, which is about $15-$30 USD.  Because Megan is vegan and tofu is infinitely cheaper than buying meat, this blog will be all vegetarian and mostly vegan.  Some of Elizabeth’s recipes might call for egg whites or yogurt, but for the most part they will be free of animal products and full of deliciousness.

Me cooking up a storm...or a salad?

Also, we’re not really into using specific recipes, and we don’t even own measuring spoons or measuring cups.  We’re those annoying people who like to eyeball it, so we’ll often post a recipe that we borrowed from but did not exactly adhere to, or we’ll give approximate amounts of ingredients we used.  I grew up in a southern kitchen, so expect pinches, sprinkles and dollops of things.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  We hope you enjoy as much as we do!

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